Happy New Year to each and everyone of you! I know everyone’s been saying it lately but can you believe we’re already in 2021? I, for one, love the start of a new year. It always feels like a fresh start for myself and my business and is the perfect time to reflect before you get right back in. I’ve actually rounded up 8 tasks to hit restart on your business in 2021 so you can start the year off feeling organised and refreshed!


Get your accounts in order

Urgh, the dreaded accounts talk. Honestly, get on top of them now so you don’t have to do them all at once. Most of you know I do mine weekly as part of my Monday CEO morning routine but you could just do them monthly if needs be. Collect any emails, invoices, receipts, bank statements and the like and sit down and input them into your spreadsheet or accounting software. It’s a dull task for most so stick on your favourite playlist and make it fun!


Do your tax return!

I know, another money-based task! However, the deadline for it is looming (31st Jan) and you cannot miss it! If you do the above task, you will be completely on top of it at all times! Just rip off that plaster (so to speak), get it done and paid and then you have a few months to breathe before this year’s return needs doing in April!


Create a running list of tasks to do

Whilst I do make a to-do list daily, I do like to have a longer list of those tasks that need doing but not urgently. For you, they could be research getting a new website designed, content planning for the next month or brainstorming new business ideas. Basically, if it doesn’t need doing today or tomorrow, it goes on this list! Then when you have a spare bit of time, you can move the task to that day’s to-do list.


Time-block your week

This is a major goal of mine this year to start time-blocking my week every single week. Sitting down to see what you have planned for the week means you can organise other tasks around non-negotiables. The beauty of time-blocking is that you can move things around and you can be as vague or specific as possible. For example, I have blocks dedicated to Content by Sian work. That could be scheduling social media, writing blog posts, doing research or creating graphics. I just refer to my to-do list to see what needs doing most urgently.


Get into a routine

Routines are so important as a business owner and a new year means you get to fine-tune them or start from scratch. I’m a huge fan of having morning and evening routines for weekdays so I start and finish off the day slowly. However, I’m always looking to switch it up for a change or get rid of something that’s no longer serving me. I’ve recently added journalling into my morning routine to start my day off positively.


Get your content calendar sorted

It’s one of those tasks that many business owners, myself included, put off but when it’s organised and scheduled, it’s such a huge weight lifted. Gather all of your ideas in one place and start mapping them out. I do my content calendars in Asana because it’s easy to move things around if something crops up. You might prefer another programme or good old pen and paper (use pencil on your first go though).


Set some goals for the week/month ahead

Goal setting is something I love anyway but as a business owner, I find it even more useful to help keep me motivated and on track. I love to start with a massive brain dump of any and all ideas, get them down on paper and then slowly whittle them down. You’ll find you have some bigger themes across several goals so you could make those into action steps or big picture goals. It’s all about working out how best it will work for you.


Tidy up your computer

Is it weird that I actually enjoy decluttering? I love it in everyday life and I love to do it digitally too! This means tackling your inbox, social media, desktop and external harddrive, any apps/programmes you might use. I’m guilty of saving documents and photos and never looking at them ever again; they just sit there taking up space and slowing everything down. Now is the perfect time to go through everything!

EDIT: I sorted out my external harddrive during the Christmas/New Year break and it took me two full days!


This list is certainly not exhasutive as you might have tasks relating to your industry or business specifically but in general these 8 tasks to hit restart on your business in 2021 are a great starting point. They’re all satisfying tasks to get out of the way ready to start a fresh in the new year!



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