With more of us working from home right now, it can be really hard to separate that work-home life. Whilst some of us love that home working life, some people just can’t take to it. If you’ve ever noticed that your motivation dips up and down all day long, you might just give up working altogether for the day. Taking multiple breaks is super important but unfortunately, we can’t do that all of the time! Here’s a few pointers on how to be productive when you have zero motivation when working from home.


Jot down when you’re having a slump

It can be important to know when you feel your motivation lacking. Write down each time you feel like this in a notebook or diary and do it for at least a week. Do you struggle to get up and work straight away? Are you a morning or afternoon worker? After analysing, see if you can change up your schedule. Easier to do when you’re a business owner but if not, chat to your employers about changing up your hours. Sometimes it’s not always feasible but it’s often worth a try!


Dedicate a workspace for yourself

Many of us don’t have room for an entire home office so have moved ourselves to the kitchen or a desk in the house. Make sure you don’t sit at this place other than to work. This will allow you to switch off when you shut down your laptop every night. However, do allow yourself some flexibility. I’ve been known to work from bed every so often!


Create an action plan

If you’re working on bigger projects or even medium-sized tasks, break everything down into small, actionable steps. Each step should be as tiny as possible so you can track your progress regularly. Sit down on a Monday morning (or Friday evening for the following week), jot down everything you need to work on and break everything down. It’s very satisfying to tick off so many tasks when you get to the end of the week!


Work in time chunks

A favourite of mine is the Pomodoro technique. With this, you work in 25 minute chunks with a 5 minute break after each chunk. After four cycles, you take a 20-30 minute break. Other times, I work in 45-50 minute spells and take a 10-15 break. You can use the breaks to anything from laundry, a quick cleaning session or a tea break! Try and get as much done in the spells as you can and the breaks will so much more rewarding.


Put your phone in another room

When I know I need to focus on work stuff, I leave my phone in another room, turn off the internet and put it on loud (just in case anyone needs me urgently). With only phone calls and texts to distract me (I don’t get many of these), I can give the task at hand 100% focus. That also counts for Instagram too!


Get yourself an accountability partner

That could be anyone from a fellow business owner, whoever you live with, a colleague from work or a friend also working from home. Whoever it is, make sure you check in with each other regularly. Set yourself goals, tell your buddy and get to work. You can use your breaks to catch up. By telling somebody what you’re going to be working on, it will motivate you to get that task done. You could even do some co-working via Zoom if you wanted to!


Working from home can be a massive adjustment, especially if you live with others or aren’t used to being alone, but for right now, it’s much safer for us all. There are so many ways on how to be productive when you have zero motivation but these are some of my personal favourites. I use them daily myself so they are tried and tested!



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