You should all know by now that I am all about repurposing. Producing a piece of long-form content, such as a video or a blog post, should not just sit on your website or Youtube channel, never to be seen again. Spend a little extra time after you’ve made it and turn it into something else for your other platforms. I have a blog post all about the different ways you can repurpose content but today, I’ve picked out my top 4 reasons why you should be repurposing your content.

Save time and money

It might not seem like it initially because you’re creating even more content but if you’re already in that mindset, why not make the most of it? Content creating sessions are some of my favourites to have because once I’m planned out my long-form content (blog posts), I break them down into captions and infographics for social media. It usually only takes me an extra hour or so and I can have at least five days of social media planned.

Of course, I don’t schedule them all for one week but disperse them throughout the next couple of months. I have a play around on Canva, pick out any quotes or key points and spend some time making them look pretty! There are plenty of templates on there to choose from so you’ll never run out of options!

By spending an extra hour or so doing this, I get time back elsewhere. When it comes to scheduling my social media for the following month, I have most of the content in my ideas bank ready to go so it doesn’t take long at all! I can use that time clawed back for client work but really, I just use it to take time off and binge box sets (currently Gossip Girl). Self-care is important, people!

Boost your SEO and online presence

We want our businesses to grow, right? Boosting our SEO and online presence is one of the best ways to do this! If you’re always talking about one topic on your website but never on your social media, potential customers and clients might not really know what you do. Using those keywords across all your platforms will show Google that you’re the go-to person on that subject, meaning you’ll rank higher!

It might seem dull but taking the time to see what people are searching for on your website and comments they leave on your social media shows you what content you should be making. Sure, you might want to show off your personality online as well but ultimately, you’re running a business. You can definitely have fun with your content whilst still ranking highly on Google!

Reach new audiences (or different parts of your current audience)

Your audience can find you on multiple platforms (hopefully). You should have a website, maybe a blog, podcast or Youtube channel as well as social media platforms. Whilst you don’t need to be everywhere, different people may follow you on different platforms.

Social media is amazing for bite-sized information but would you read a 1000-word caption on it? I personally wouldn’t; I’d do a Google search of the topic and read a blog post/watch a video.

You’ll also find people in your audience respond to different things. Some may prefer to listen or watch a video, some may prefer to read. With social media, you can highlight the key points in your blog post/podcast/video and when they have more time, they can read/listen/watch in depth.

Become the expert in your field or industry

Pick a couple of topics that you love and that are relevant to your business and talk about them everywhere and all the time! For me, it’s repurposing content (duh), blogging and organisation. These are areas that I love and could talk about forevermore. I’ve also spent years honing my skills in these areas so know them inside out.

This will help you with referrals and widening your audience. If a friend or family member is talking to someone they know about that topic, they’ll mention you. If a client or customer is looking for a helping hand in that area, they’ll refer you. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool still, despite the rise of online reviews and social media.  If you’ve had a bad experience in a shop or restaurant, you’ll tell people or complain online! Equally, good reviews are hard to come by so collate as many of those as you can!

You want to become that go-to person in your circle (both personal and business) when someone has a question on that topic, they’ll immediately think of you. You never know, they may even become a client or customer!

These 4 reasons why you should be repurposing your content will make such a difference to how you spend your time. Once you get into a routine with it and batch it all together, it becomes second nature! I’m always sharing my repurposing tips over on Instagram so why not give me a follow? If you have any other tips that aren’t one of my 4 reasons why you should be repurposing your content, leave me a comment below!


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