How many of you small business owners set up a blog initially and have since neglected it? It can be tough when we have 1000 other tasks to get done. Creating content, especially long-form content, frequently falls to the bottom of the to-do list! As a blog writer, I am incredibly biased about getting that blog back up and running. I’ve come up with 8 ways to make the most of your business blog right now!


Post consistently

Consistency doesn’t have to mean daily or even weekly. Whilst once a week is preferred, as long as you’re producing something, once every 2-4 weeks can work too. Just make sure you’re adding value or providing information to your customers or clients rather than posting just because you think you need to.


Provide value

Speaking of, value can mean different things to different businesses. By all means promote your products or services but try to share your knowledge too. Intergrate your products into blog posts about how they can make your life easier. Clothing companies can offer styling tips, just like homeware accounts can too.

Set up content pillars

Blogging is all about mutlipurposing. I suggest having a couple of broad topics that you usually talk about in all marketing, such as social media, and write any content ideas underneath them. Don’t forget to repurpose your content. Blog posts broken down into chunks work on social media whereas padding out a social media caption could work as a blog post too!

Organise a content bank

As I said above, content ideas can come at the most random times. Jot down any and all ideas, no matter how silly they might seem at the time, and store them in one place i.e. a content bank. That could be a Word doc, a project management tool or a notebook. From that, you can whittle down any ideas, draft them out and then you’ve got a handful of blog posts pretty much done!

Promote your posts

Every blog post needs to be promoted on whichever platforms you use. Make graphics for Pinterest and IG stories, create carousels for your IG feed and share on all socials that you’re on. Repurposing can save you in the long run as most people will have forgotten the blog post was promoted after a week or so.

Make it easy to read

One lump of text like a university dissertation is not appealing. Whilst you might not be a photographer, you need to include at least one picture. That’s not my strong suit either so I make use of sub-headings and bullet points instead to break up all text. However, I’m trying to show off my expertise as a writer!


Be you

Small business customers want to hear and get to know small business owners, it’s a fact. We’re all a little nosy so typing blog posts up in your friendly, approachable tone will bring in even more customers. Don’t go all formal unless that’s your brand’s style.


Practice makes perfect

The more you write/type, the better you will get, it’s simple as. Writing isn’t for everyone but that doesn’t mean you can’t do occasionally to build your business. If you know it’s just something that’s not for you, hire someone like me who just can’t stop writing!


Having a blog is important as a business owner but it’s not good if the page just sits there nocturnal. These 8 ways to make the most of your business blog are pretty broad but apply to any industry and business. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for more business blogging tips too.



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