I don’t write a lot of personal posts for my biz blog but I wanted to give you all an insight into what it’s like being a new business owner. Although I’ve been freelancing for a couple of years, I only went full-time freelance in September 2020. As of this month, I’m going on to month 8 of my first year in business. To start with, I thought I’d start with a 2021 business update for Q1 so you can have a behind-the-scenes look at where I am right now and where I want to focus in the next quarter.


What have I done in quarter 1?

I’m one of those people who loves reflecting but never feel like I’ve accomplished anything before sitting down and looking in detail. It’s mad to think we’re already three months into 2021 but when I looked back, I’m really proud of how much I’ve got done in just three months!

  • Gained 2 new clients and worked with a previous client again
  • Raised my rates with my current clients
  • Put out some feelers for more work with some other writers
  • Joined a couple of membership groups
  • Done more Zoom co-working than ever before!
  • Posted on Instagram consistently + have most of April scheduled already
  • Made some incredible new biz friends!
  • Binged on Line of Duty just in time for the new series!
  • Got back into baking + tried two new recipes (lemon drizzle cake and chocolate/vanilla marble loaf cake)


What have I learned?

Despite some big wins, there are times that have felt challenging in 2021, which is understandable right now! Starting a business in a global pandemic perhaps wasn’t the brightest move in some respect but it’s something I’ve been working towards for a couple of years now. However, this year has taught me so much already about myself, my business and how I want to run my life in general. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned in 2021 so far.

  • Taking time off is vital as a biz owner
  • Nobody but other biz owners really know what you’re going through
  • Planning my week gives me so much structure and freedom
  • Regular breaks help you to focus more
  • Equally, getting away from your desk is vital every day
  • Moving from the spare room/office to the dining table works wonders for a change of scenery
  • I need to cut down on my spending again!
  • Family time is more important than ever!
  • Too much screen time is not good for me
  • Taking it day by day is how I’ve got through three lockdowns
  • Having an extra-long sleep doesn’t make me a bad person


What’s next for quarter 2?

I spent a lot of the Easter break in reflection mode, where I managed to review March and Q1 as well as plan ahead for April and Q2. When it came time to think of my word for the quarter, I instantly thought of mine: PROGRESS. It’s been a few months of transition for me and with the new tax year starting too, it feels like I’m ready to take my business to the next level. However, I didn’t achieve my Q1 goals so I’ve tried to be gentler on myself and give myself some breathing space. Q2 is a chance for me to step it up with my business but also acknowledge that I am still in my first year of self-employment! Here are a few ideas I’ve had for starting off in Q2.

  • Post consistently to my blog (once a week) and socials (five times a week)
  • Schedule the above content as far in advance as I can! (May’s content by the end of April, June’s content by the end of May)
  • Continue to participate in membership groups
  • Get my tax return done as early as possible!
  • Set up my newsletter
  • Rethink my offerings and potentially launch a power hour service
  • Plan out my resources/freebies library
  • Gain two new regular clients
  • Increase my income (I’ve set myself a target)
  • Get back to using my Friday afternoons to plan
  • Continue to work on my secret side project
  • Stick to my content schedule for The English Everygirl


It’s crazy to think I’m eight months into my journey as a business owner but after sharing a 2021 business update for Q1, I can’t believe just how much I’ve accomplished in that short space of time!



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