Get to know the face behind Content by Sian!

Hi, I’m Sian and it’s nice to meet you.

Anyone who knows me would describe me as organised, determined and sarcastic. 

I’m also obsessed with learning new skills and finding new ways to improve my efficiency.

My career journey

I’ve been blogging since 2010 (and since 2015 on my current blog, The English Everygirl) and writing for various websites since 2014.

I graduated from Hull University in 2015 with a degree in Marketing, completed my NCTJ qualification at Sheffield College and then went on to get my Masters in Sports Journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, graduating in 2019.

I got my first freelance client after a failed full-time job interview. The same company hired me a few days later as their lead blog writer instead!

My strengths

Personality writing is my main strength; if you’re looking for someone to continue or develop your brand voice through your online content, whether that’s a blog or social media, I’m your girl.

Whilst most brands I work with prefer a chatty, friendly tone of voice regardless of their industry, I can also give your brand the voice of expertise or knowledge in your field in a more formal approach.

Topics that I cover

I’ve covered everything from sport to student life, accounting to country lifestyle. I can dig my teeth into most topics and enjoy the researching and learning process of something new to me. In fact, I thrive on a new challenge and adding new skills to my Arsenal (they’re my football team too, just saying!).

My interests

When I’m not running my business, you can usually find me in one of these places:
• bingeing on a TV box set;
• organising my diary (yes, I consider this a hobby);
• immersing myself in the world of musical theatre; or,
• watching live sport, either on the telly or in the stands.

Get to know me: Favourites

Favourite TV show? The OC.
Favourite movie? Center Stage.
Favourite music genre? Country.
Fvaourite movie musical? West Side Story.
Favourite stage musical? Six.
Favourite clothes shop? Marks & Spencer.
Favourite snack? Cadbury's Oreo Chocolate.
Favourite sport? Rugby league.
Favourite singer? Taylor Swift.
Top 3 bands? McFly, The Beatles, Lady A.