I don’t know about you but I’m at that point in lockdown where all the days have started to merge into one. No longer do I know what day of the week it is or if it’s a weekend anymore. With this comes a lack of boundaries. Getting that work life balance right is something everyone is trying to master right now when working from home. I’ve come up with some strategies and tips that I’ve used over the past year or so to help me juggle everything.


Organise your day

However you do it, just work out what works best for you. I’ve used Asana, Trello, Google Calendar, a weekly to-do list, bullet journal and lots of diaries previously to keep me on track. Recently, I’ve started just writing a weekly task list so I don’t feel too overwhelmed! You could try batching similar tasks together or having themed days.


Work in chunks

Make sure to take regular breaks or you’ll go stir crazy. Try timeblocking your week and incorporating your breaks into your schedule if that helps or try the Pomodoro technique and work in timed spells. Right now, I’ve been taking coffee/hot chocolate breaks with my dad in the kitchen every morning and afternoon, just to get away from my laptop! Sometimes I take a cheeky Instagram break instead so I’m not on my phone all day long!


Set up an office space

You might not have the luxury of having a spare bedroom to set up as your office. Whether it’s in your bedroom, living room or an area of the dining table, make it your space. Try not to sit there for anything other than work so you get in the right mindset. I have my desk in the spare room, which is basically now my office.


Self care daily

Every day, you should do something for yourself. Self care is very personal and something that works for me might not work for you. I have a set of non-negotiables for every day (move, two litres of water, reading, journalling) but try to add something else on too. This could be anything from writing my to-do list, watching a TV show (I’ve just started Grey’s Anatomy again from the beginning) or going for a walk. Try adding a little in every day and you’ll start to recognise the small joys in life!


Take it one day at a time

Everyone is struggling right now and everyone’s situation is different. Over the past year, I’ve tried to be gentle with myself for not cramming everything in to one day. We all have so much on our plate that just taking it a day at a time is good enough. Some days, you might be super productive. Sometimes, getting out of bed before lunchtime is an achievement. Allow yourself some grace and be kind to yourself!


Right now, small achievements are everything. Why not try keep a log of them daily and by the end of the week, you can see just how much you have got through? Getting that work life balance right for right now can be tricky with home-schooling and everybody in the house. Taking it a day at a time (sometimes even an hour at a time) helps you to break everything down and celebrate all those small wins, like just getting through the day!



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