As a business owner, we can sometimes be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tasks we have to do. Not only do we have to actually run our business by serving our clients or customers, we have a thousand and one tasks to do in the background. From creating content for our websites and social media to sorting out our accounts, it’s understandable that you can run out of time daily. I’ve found that batching similar tasks together really works to free up time and it might be helpful to you too! Here’s how to batch your tasks to do more in less time.


List all of the tasks you have to do in your business

That’s right, I want you to write down every single task you have to do in your business. Be as specific as possible. For example, if you write blog posts, don’t just put down blog posts. You need to break it down: ideas session, draft blog post, proof read, schedule, take photos, create graphics, promote on social media. Whilst it might take you an hour to write the blog post itself, you’ll need at least another hour or two to get the other tasks done.

Have a brain dump onto a sheet of paper or create a mind map if that’s easier. You can have your main tasks coming off it, with sub-tasks off those headings.


Look at what you actually need to do

Are there any tasks on there that you really don’t need to be doing? Maybe you can shut down a couple of social media platforms to focus on just one or two? You need to determine which tasks make you money or at least will potentially bring in money and prioritise those. This will differ for each industry and business so it really is a matter of which tasks you need to be doing and which tasks you think you should be doing.


Automate or outsource

The first step to batching work is to automate as much as possible. This can come at an extra task but ultimately, it is worth it. You might want to invest in accounting software so all your invoices and receipts are in one place (it’ll be much easier to sort out your tax return too). Maybe you need to find a social media scheduling tool that works for you? How about an online project management tool like Asana if you’re managing multiple clients.

If you’re still struggling at this stage, maybe it is time to think about outsourcing some tasks. Perhaps you need a virtual assistant to keep on top of emails and organising your day? How about hiring a content writer (like moi) to help you with blog post writing or social media captions? If they’re integral to your business, it can free up time so you can work on the tasks you do enjoy!


Group similar tasks together

Now’s the time to get your thinking cap on. Which tasks can you put together in one session to make the most of the time? For me, I love to do all my admin, emails and accounts on a Monday morning so I’m all organised for the week ahead. On the other hand, I’m zoned out on a Friday afternoon so I use this time to have a massive planning and ideas session. I plan the following week, come up with blog post ideas and social media captions as well as tidy my desk and laptop ready for the weekend!

Maybe you can spend an hour or two doing everything you need for social media that week: taking photos, creating graphics, writing captions and scheduling them? Can you schedule all meetings for one or two days a week, rather than random time slots across the week? Once you group smaller tasks together with a similar theme, you can become ultra focused on them.


Schedule them in your calendar

Once you’ve determined your batches, you need to implement them into your calendar. Some might vary from week to week but on the whole, you’ll do the same tasks week in week out. Add them as time blocks into your calendar or diary, colour code them so you know which block is which and try to follow as best you can. The beauty of time blocking with batch tasking is that you can move things around.

One week, you might have a lot of client work on so you don’t have much time to work on social content. You might have just an hour to schedule all your social media posts so captions may be short with simple graphics to allow you the time to concentrate on clients that bring in income!


Whilst it can be staggering to know how to batch your tasks to do more in less time and to see just how much you have to do on a regular basis, it will save time in the long run. You’ll use your time more efficiently (try the Pomodoro technique for working in chunks) and know exactly what tasks you need to focus on. Again, it won’t happen overnight but even just doing all your admin in one time slot will free up time somewhere else in your week.


Are you someone who struggles on how to batch your tasks to do more in less time? Maybe you need some help with outsourcing your content? Visit my contact form or send me an Instagram DM to see what help I can be for you!



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