As we know, wearing many hats as a small business owner can be stressful. Just when we think we’ve completed our to-do list for the day, we realise we’ve forgotten something or have found something else to add to the list. When it comes to creating content, this is where we can sometimes fall behind. This is why I love batch tasking to make the most of my time. This includes content creation. Instead of sitting down and writing the post for the day, you need to sit down and do multiple posts in one go. This is how to create your own content ideas bank for all those days when you don’t know what to post!


Write down any and all ideas

The main step is to have a huge brain dump. I have brainstorming sessions regularly (at least fortnightly) to get everything out of my head and onto paper. I keep a notepad on my desk at all times to jot down ideas on the fly and then add them into my Asana board for content ideas. Then I like to sit down every fortnight and whittle the ideas down. Sometimes I’ve just written one word and have no idea what I was referring to. Other times, I’ve drafted up a post with a handful of sub-headings!


Review all social media

This means looking back through all comments and direct messages on whichever platforms you’re on. Potential clients or customers may have asked you a question. That question could be answered by an Instagram carousel or graphic or with more detail in a blog post. Social media is great for inspiration. You can look at what your competitors are doing and see if you can switch that up for your own audience too.


Dedicate a spare day to content

I like to use Monday afternoons to write my content for the week, both for the blog and for social media. However, I’m hoping to try and do even more by planning even further ahead. Most blog posts and social media captions are evergreen, meaning they can be posted at any time. I like to have a rough schedule but know I can move things around if needs be. Sitting down to write your content in bulk is a time-saver. Just think about how freeing it would be to get your social media scheduled for the week ahead by Monday lunchtime!


Keep a log of existing posts

It sounds the complete opposite of creating new content but by having a list of existing content, it can spark new ideas. You might want to rewrite an old post to bring it up-to-date, one sentence might give you a brand new content idea or you could start a series on your blog or social media on a similar topic. I also love to break down blog posts into smaller chunks and use them as social media captions!


Create graphics when you’re bored

I aren’t the most creative person in the world so only really use Canva when creating graphics. However, it can be quite time-consuming so I try not to do it as part of my working day. Instead, I sit down once a month or so and create a tonne of infographics, quotes and carousel posts for social media whilst having some chill time. I know you’re meant to relax when you’re relaxing but it can be quite therapeutic! Stick on a TV show or film you’ve seen a few times before and get creating!


I’m always jotting down ideas all day long when I’m aimlessly scrolling through social media and online; I save blog posts in my favourites and save Instagram posts for inspiration. By getting ahead, you’ll find that having plenty of evergreen ideas in one place is a lifesaver when you’re having an ideas lull. Learning how to create your own content ideas bank is a slow process but saves you so much time in the long run!

Maybe you have a content ideas bank already but don’t know where to start? Working with a content writer could bring those ideas to life. Why not fill out my contact form or come and chat on Instagram if you think we’d be a good fit!



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