We all know that feeling on a Monday morning where you have a mad rush to get ready for the week ahead. For me, Monday prep starts on a Friday afternoon so I’m less stressed when the working week begins. I’ve compiled a guide of how to prep for the week ahead, with my favourite tasks to get done ahead of time. I’ve got into such a routine that it’s become second nature to me!


Plan your week + set up for Monday

My preparation starts on a Friday afternoon. This is when I try to tie up any loose ends, reply to any emails and wind down ready for the weekend. Before I can do that, I like to sit down for an hour or so and plan the following week.

Start by having a general brain dump with various tasks I think I need to get done. Then, I prioritise what actually needs to get done and write them in my planner. Next, I schedule my week on Google Calendar and colour-code everything. I like to time-block, time-batch and theme my days so I’m in the right mindset.


Go food shopping

The food shop is basically a day out right now so I’ve been going any day lately but Sunday mornings are my preferred timeslot. I try to keep an inventory of everything I have in the house and always shop with  a list! If something is running out, it goes on the list. Of course, I might add some extra items into my shop. For the most part, I buy the same items regularly!


Meal plan + prep

Because I’ve already planned my week ahead, I know what I’ll be doing and what meals I need to plan. For example, I might have a call over lunch one day so need something quick beforehand. I have a handful of go-to recipes that I cook most weeks so planning doesn’t take me too long!

In terms of meal prep, I enjoy cooking so don’t do a great deal of prep on the weekends. I often bake so I have sweet treats to enjoy throughout the week. What I do look at is if I call late in the afternoon, I won’t be in the mood to cook. That means I’ll cook a double portion the night before to heat up the day after!


Do the laundry

I’ve got into a routine with laundry most days by sticking on a load every morning before work. However, I always change my bedding and towels on a Sunday so they go straight into the washing machine when I wake up! There’s nothing worse than seeing a full dirty laundry basket on a Monday morning!


Give your house a quick clean + tidy

Since lockdown began, I’ve tried to clean and tidy a different room every day in a weekly cleaning routine I’ve divised. That means I can actually relax at the weekend and don’t have to spend all day Sunday cleaning the entire house. I’ll still do a quick tidy around the house so Monday feels like a breeze!


Have an early night

Sleep is my best friend. I could sleep 10+ hours a day if I was able to. As someone who’s in bed by 10pm most nights, an early night for me is in bed by 9pm and asleep by 10pm. I’m all about that grandma life.

Sleep is so important in taking care of yourself and an early alarm on a Monday morning feels easier after an extra hour’s sleep the night before! It’s not like there’s much on the telly on a Sunday night anymore anyway!


Learning how to prep for the week ahead does take some getting used to but it’s been a game changer for me. Although I start my week with my CEO routine, it’s great to get a few extra tasks done in advance! Starting your week off feeling prepared gives you much more focus!

Are you someone who preps in advance or do you prefer to just do what feels right for that day? Send me a DM over on Instagram; I love talking about routines and organisation!



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