Okay everyone, settle in for a bumper blog post! Have you ever considered how long it takes you to make your pillar or macro-content? Probably hours, I would assume. Whether it’s a blog post, video or podcast, long-form content takes the longest because it’s so detailed. It often requires a lot of editing or proofing time as well as multiple drafts or preparation before you start writing/recording/filming. If you’ve spent all that time on one piece of content, why not make it work on all platforms. In this post, I’ll share my top tips on how to repurpose your content for other platforms by breaking down the three main types of pillar content: blog posts, videos and podcasts.

Whilst you need to promote the long-form content as soon as it’s live, make the most of it and use it all year round if you can. This micro-content is perfect for days when you’ve no idea what to post on social media or need to think of a new topic for a video. Build up that content ideas bank with all your repurposed content and you’ve got plenty of backup options for when you need them! Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to repurpose your content for all platforms!

Blog posts

Writing might come naturally to you or it might not. Many businesses have business blogs but either don’t know how to use them to their full potential or they sit there empty for months on end. Whether you can rock out a post in an hour or it takes you four, you should still make the most out of it. Repurposing a blog post is probably the easiest way to save some time. It might not sound like it but spending some extra time on that one post will give you a week’s worth of extra content (or more).

So you’ve written out your blog post, now what? Think about every tool you might use for your business: social media, email list, podcast, Youtube videos. Could you repurpose that blog post for one of them? We all produce tonnes of content but scheduling and creating it all seems to take forever. Repurposing it actually saves time!


Pick out the key points and create a single infographic for social media

Expand on the above and choose one point per post or create a carousel type post

Identify a quote from the post and use it as a social media caption

Edit the opening paragraph for your newsletter and entice people to read the full post

Turn it into the basis for a script for a podcast or video

Choose the highlights of the post and make a Reel or IGTV on the same topic

Challenge your readers to put the points into action with a free challenge


The rise in podcasting is insane, with more being made than ever before. If you have a unique take on topics relating to your audience and industry, why not share them everywhere? Podcasts can be anything from ten to sixty minutes long so that is a lot of words! Whatever you do, do not just share the transcript on your blog and claim that as a blog post. It will not read well and quite frankly is too long-winded to read.

Most people have some sort of script pre-written for their podcasts, no matter how detailed it is. That is the basis of your blog post right there: a few simple headings and a handful of bullet points. It might tag on an extra hour onto your content creation process but it’s a shorter time than it would be to come up with a brand new idea!


Highlight the key points and use them as headings in a blog post

Use each key theme covered as a separate blog post each if it’s detailed enough

Film your podcast next time and see if it works well as a video

Turn your key points into a free challenge for your readers to take part in

Use the headings as part of a graphic for social media (carousels + infographics work well)

Pick out any key quotes and have them all over your social media

Summarise the points you made into a shorter video for a Reel or IGTV

Make a mini description for the episode and use it in your newsletter to get people to listen


Videos are probably the longest piece of content to make, with preparation, setting up, filming and editing all taking time. How amazing would it be to tag on a couple of hours at the same time to create a content library for one topic or title? Repurposing videos are an amazing way to reach different parts of your audiences. Many of them won’t have time to watch a full-length video but would watch highlights of it or read a blog post featuring the key points.

Similarly to podcasts, don’t just copy and paste your script into a blog post template and press publish. It will be full of fillers and unnecessary words that just don’t make sense as a written piece of content. Spend the time to pick out the headings and details and become an expert on that particular topic across all your platforms!


Choose snippets as teasers on IGTV or as a Reel

Take the audio and see if it would work as a podcast

Turn your script into a succinct blog post (pick out key points, add in the details)

Pick out any quotes and create graphics for social media of them

Compile headings/key points into infographics and carousel posts

Promote in your newsletter and use quotes as the text for it too!

On top of creating content, you’ve probably spent hours coming up with a bunch of content ideas too. When you batch your content creation tasks together, you’re in the right mindset for creativity and will be more focused to create everything in one session. I often have repurposing sessions after I’ve created my blog posts and spend an afternoon making lots of graphics and captions that fit alongside that particular topic. Once you start to figure out how to repurpose your content, you honestly won’t look back!

If you’re looking at this blog post and feeling overwhelmed by all of the content ideas and just know you don’t have the time to do it all, you might want to head over to my services page. I’ve just launched (today!) my new repurposing packages, especially for podcasts and content as well as an auditing service of your content and copy. I’m really excited to start this journey with you as we save you time and money and I teach you how to repurpose your content!

If you’re undecided or unsure of how to repurpose your content or just want to chat about your options, send me a DM on Instagram and we can talk in detail about how to take your content to the next level!


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