When building your brand online, we all know it’s important to come across as professional and knowledgeable but should this come at a cost of being bland and boring? It can be a struggle to know how to show personality in your content.

Obviously, it depends on your industry but for the majority of business owners, you can always inject some personality somewhere. Whether that’s humour, sarcasm or pop culture references, be sure to make it something your customers love and relate to!

Don’t forget that with small businesses, many customers are buying from you because they love the brand and its story, as well as the product or service they’re getting too. We’re often more invested in the business because we know a sale means so much more to them!

I’ve rounded up some of the best ways of how to show personality in your content so why not give one of them a try this week?

Showing your team members online

People like people, simple as that. This could be a bio on a team page or dedicating a day every week/month to one team member on Instagram. Let them take control for the day and show who they are and what they do. #WorkWithMeWednesday is always a success instead if you’re a one-person band!

A friendly tone of voice

Whilst this doesn’t work for all businesses, having a chatty, personable brand voice can go such a way with customers. Some industries thrive on having their business owners communicate with customers as if they were chatting to a friend.

Tell a story

Do you have an interesting background or story about your business to share? Then share it! Us customers are so nosy and love to know how you started the business and your processes of how you make your products. We get emotionally invested in small businesses and their ‘journey’ so try sharing yours and you’ll just see the response!

Share your clients

For service-based businesses, other businesses will want to work with you if they see what work you do for others. Having a testimonial on your website is always a great idea but try sharing your client wins on social media or in your newsletter too. I’m sure they’d appreciate the mention and it might even result in my sales for them!

User-generated content

With product-based businesses, it is easier to show just how much you value your customers. Set up your own hashtag, get them to snap pictures of your products and use them as part of your strategy! Just make sure to ask permission if you’re going to use their content and ALWAYS tag them in it too!

It also helps if your business has a blog too; you might even have some skilled writers among your company. If not, you could always pass this job along to a content writer, like myself. Branded content is something I love creating!

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