I don’t know about you but there is a lot to do as a business owner or freelancer. Of course, you can outsource as much as you want but it is good to know what is going on in your business. My Monday morning CEO routine is the perfect time to get to grips with it.

I choose Monday mornings for this routine because I’m not fully awake enough to do client work. It’s nice to ease myself into the working week by crossing off lots of smaller tasks on my to-do list. Then I set myself up for the week to come.


Update social media stats spreadsheet

One of the very first tasks I do is review my social media and blog analytics from the previous week. I look at my follower count as well as indiviudal posts for Instagram. I have a VERY simple spreadsheet that I track the info in (honestly, it’s a few coloums and that’s it). It’s great to see which posts worked well, which didn’t and if any post inspiration comes up through re-reading the comments.


Update financials spreadsheet

My other spreadsheet to include is my financials. I simply record any income and expenses related to my business. In fact, it’s a template from the Independent Girls Collective so all I have to do is fill a few bits of information and it does all the formulating for me!


Back up photos to harddrive

A task that I do regularly is move my photos from my phone to my external harddrive. I keep very few photos on my phone, just templates and essentials, and the rest sit on my harddrive. You wouldn’t believe how much space it frees up every single week! I can always pop them back on my phone if needs be anyway.


Write to-do list for the week

The most essential task for me as a business owner to keep on top of everything is making a to-do list. I usually make a generic one for the week, highlight anything urgent or that needs doing on a specific day and then make a daily list. Lists keep me motivated and I also like ticking tasks off with pretty pens!

My list is usually a mix of content and blog post writing, working both on client tasks as well as inside my own business. I like to have a variety of tasks to focus on so I don’t get too bored.


Check + update Asana

I don’t use Asana as much as some business owners but it houses my generic business tasks for every week as well as my content calendars for both my business and blog. It’s nice to see what is scheduled for the week and see if it needs to be added to my to-do list or if it’s been scheduled.

I also brain dump any ideas I’ve jotted down over the weekend on their relevant projects. I’m one of those people who finds inspiration in the strangest of places so I have a list of content ideas on my phone and on a notepad on my desk. I then put all those into Asana so they’re all in one place.


Double check social media for the week

I try to schedule social media on a Friday for the following week but always double check on a Monday. An event might have happened or something more urgent might need posting. My social media schedule tends to be fairly flexible so I simply move things around instead.


Check + reply to emails and DMs

In fairness, I do this daily but over a weekend, I often just read them and don’t respond. After all, we are entitled to time off as business owners! Monday mornings are the perfect time to get back on top of any emails, respond and file them. I do the same with Instagram messages but normally, I re-read them to see if I was meant to email anyone!


Update Google Calender for the week

Again, I tend to organise my calendar on a Friday afternoon or Sunday evening if I’ve worked during the weekend. However, unexpected tasks can come up so I just move them around on my Google Calendar. Everything is colour-coded too so I time block as much as I can.


All of these tasks are the sort of tasks I used to end up putting off until the very last minute so by implementing my Monday morning CEO routine, I was able to pull them altogether. I have this routine down to a science now so it takes me around an hour or two. Some weeks, I switch up the tasks involved but for the most part, all of these are down every week.



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