People tell you to set systems up from the very beginning of your business journey and I say that’s rubbish. Set up what you need, save your cash and add to your processes as you get busier. What’s the point in investing time, energy and money into systems if you decide you don’t want to run your business anymore a year down the line? I’m nearly nine months into my business journey and have only just started to streamline my business. Today, I thought I’d share the processes and systems I use for my business. 


It’s only in the new tax year that I’ve set this up in Quickbooks. Initially, I was just using a Google Sheets spreadsheet and a template from a membership. I’ll still use this as a backup but Quickbooks is where I’ll do my accounts from now on. I’ve incorporated my bookkeeping into my Monday CEO morning routine and it definitely paid off!

You should also set up a separate bank account (that was the first thing I did when I launched my biz) so you can track all business-related income and expenses. I’m with Monzo and I can’t fault it so far!

Task management

My love for Asana grows daily as I learn more about it and try different features. Currently, I have projects for my content ideas bank, content calendars, goals, general to-do lists and lots of other lists too. I use it for my business and my personal blog (as well as a new blog I’m hoping to set up soon).

I also use Google Drive to keep client work and other documents (analytics, in-depth ideas) where everything is sorted into folders too. Clients of mine also use Trello to collaborate with other freelancers and staff. 


For my business, I have a personalised email address through Krystal Hosting, who also host my website. I find the interface easy to use but lately, the email side has been letting me down. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

I still use Gmail for personal emails but that tends to be full of newsletters and shopping emails! 

I also love WhatsApp and Voxer for checking in with business pals. It can get lonely being self-employed so it’s important for me to stay in touch with someone every day! We also use Zoom every week for co-working and catch-ups as well as for some memberships I’m part of.


Are you a paper or digital planner? I’m both! I love to have my Google Calendar to hand as it’s easy to move things around but nothing beats a paper planner for me! I have a daily planner pad, a weekly to-do list, a weekly planner and a monthly schedule too. My pinboard looks a bit manic at times! I use a mixture of desktop planners and diaries because I like to have options. It also feeds my stationery addiction so I can’t complain!

It’s important for me to be able to see at a glance what I have coming up, whether that’s tomorrow, next week or next month. Work-life balance is key for me, as well as it should be for everyone, so I try to schedule in me-time daily and then give myself a long weekend every month! Definitely one of the highlights of being self-employed!

Content creation

When it comes to creating content, I run my website on WordPress. It’s the easiest platform I’ve used so far so I don’t see me switching anytime soon. I’m not very technical-minded so it’s simple enough for me to understand! The Grammarly plug-in for my laptop is such a great addition too as it spots any spelling mistakes for me!

With social media, I swear by Canva. I know some of the templates are overused but for people lacking design skills, it’s an uncomplicated way to create graphics for social media! I’ve been known to spend an hour or so every week just playing around on there. It’s a tool that you need to use in order to make the most of its features so I might as well create something whilst I’m there! 

I’ve recently switched from Later to Planoly and now I’m with Plann for social media scheduling. Something wasn’t clicking with me in the other two so I’ve switched it up since the end of April. So far, so good! It saves so much time being able to schedule content in advance, leaving me more time to create more content!


I spoke about this on Instagram recently but I have a love/hate relationship with routine. Some days, I love structure in my day, usually when I have a mountain of tasks to get through. On other days, I like to just see where the day takes me, usually somewhere creative! I try to stick to my basic morning and evening routines as well as my Monday morning CEO routine and my Friday planning afternoons. I love to prep for the week ahead on a Friday so I can relax over the weekend!

The processes and systems I use for my business aren’t anything new. In fact, most of my biz pals use most of them too! It’s just how you use them that can change per person. I try to keep it as simple as possible because too many options overwhelm me, I shut down my computer and get out a notebook and pen!

Do you love any of the processes and systems I use for my business? Leave a comment below or let’s chat on Instagram. I’m also looking for new tools too so feel free to suggest them!


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