Do you feel like you spend hours creating content for different platforms?
Maybe you create detailed blog posts or Youtube videos and leave them be?
Maybe you only do social media and your website takes a back seat?

If any of the above is you, you need to start repurposing.
If you spend hours creating one long-form piece of content, spending an extra hour or so breaking it down should be a breeze.

I’m in already!

What is repurposing?

Repurposing works both ways too.
For the most part, it’s about turning long-form/macro content, such as blog posts or videos, into short-form/micro-content, such as social media (whether that’s text, graphics or video).
Some might even repurpose videos into blog posts and social media posts too; the possibilities are endless!
However, if you’re more of an Instagram business, your captions, infographics, Reels and IGTVs could be flipped the opposite way and turned into longer blog posts or Youtube videos.


Think about how long it takes you to write your big pieces of content.
Then think about how long it takes you to create social media content.
Probably a few hours for both, right?
It shouldn’t need to take that long.

I need your help!

How do I do it?

Pick out a few key points you made in that blog post or video and you’ve got yourself a social media caption.
You could then turn that into a Reel or IGTV to explain a bit more or how about a carousel post?
That will only take you an extra few minutes; do that a few times and it’s a week worth of posts.

For videos

If you create videos on Youtube and simply post them onto your website, you could just post your script onto your blog.
However, scripts never read as well as opposed to a well-thought-out and optimised blog post.
Repurposing can take time and energy.
When you’ve already spent hours on filming and editing, I’m sure the last thing you want to do is read through your script and write it into a blog post or social media soundbites.

Sound like you?

If you’re currently reading this and feeling overwhelmed or have no idea where to start, that’s where I come in.
Writing is my jam, whether that’s blog posts, social media captions or infographics.
I can work through any existing content and give them a new lease of life or I can work with you on new content.
Maybe you love the editing and technical aspects of creating Youtube videos but hate writing.
I can turn your script into a complete blog post, social media captions or text for an infographic.
That gives you more time to do what you love whilst I do the rest (which I love).

Why repurpose?

For most business owners, repurposing is their least favourite part.

When you’ve spent hours recording, editing and uploading one piece of audio or drafting, proofreading and sourcing images for a blog post, you don’t want to spend even longer writing it all up into a separate blog post or podcast/video and then splitting that into a bunch of social media captions and graphics.

A thirty-minute video can be anywhere between 6,000 to 10,000 words and who wants to sift through all that to possibly find hidden gems?
Most blog posts are around 1,000-2,000 words to provide extra detail so how can you divide that into neat, little chunks for other marketing?


Google just loves all that extra stuff!
The more your website and online presence contains your keywords and topics, the higher you will rank on Google.
Sure, a video will help but imagine if you could build on that even more.
Adding blog posts on the same topics will show Google just how much of an expert you are.
It also keeps people on your website as they look for similar posts from you, browse your products or services page and find you on social media.
Switching it the other way round, blog posts are a great way to give your audience extra detail on a topic but if you talk about it across all of your platforms, you’ll show up everywhere as the person with the knowledge on that topic!


If you can share your knowledge across multiple platforms, think of how many different audiences you can reach.
Catering your content for different platforms means you max out its potential.
Being an authority figure on your website, blog, podcast, videos and social media builds trust with your audience, no matter how ‘small’ you think your business is.
Reach different parts of your audience with one piece of content repurposed.
Some might love audio/visual but don’t have time to watch or listen to a thirty-minute video or podcast.
By picking out the key points, you can turn those into a reel or IGTV.
You can always refer people to the original long-form content for when they have time.
Equally, a blog post can take ten minutes or so to read fully.
When you select the headings and small part of text from them, you can create captions, carousels or infographics for any social media platform!


It might not seem like it initially but repurposing saves you time.
If you’re already creating content and in that mode, why not tag something on to the end?
You should never just make one piece of long-form content and then it just sits there!
It should always be working for you.
Breaking it down into bite-size chunks for social media might inspire your next post and the cycle continues.
Taking that extra time to repurpose saves you more time in the long run.


What the process looks like for me

Put together a bespoke package and plan for your content
Pick out key points + create the framework
Form your ideas into any of the following: blog post, podcast script, video script, newsletter content, social media captions, ideas for infographics/carousels, any other written content you want to produce!
Make it sound like your voice in written form

Help me!

What happens next?

Click the ‘I’m in’ button at the bottom of the page, fill in the form with the subject line ‘Repurpose my content’ and some basic information about your content.
I’ll email you so we can book in a FREE 20-minute call to discuss the project to see if we’re a good fit (if you want to)
If you want to go ahead, I’ll send you a questionnaire so I can get more detail about you and your business, as well as a contract and invoice (I take a 50% deposit at this point)
You fill in the questionnaire, send me the content (blog post, video transcript, social media content) and spend your time doing whatever you love to do: record another episode, take some photos, serve your customers or clients or take a break and watch some Netflix (that sounds fab, right?).

Sounds amazing!

How much?

Prices start from £100 (for one video script into a blog post)
This is a personalised package so when we have a chat about what you want repurposed, I will send you a bespoke offer.