Repurpose your podcast


Do you hate transcribing your podcast?
Do you dream of repurposing your podcast into other forms of content but just don’t have the time to do it?
Maybe you’ve no idea where to start after getting your podcast out there?
Don’t just let that be it!
Let me create as much content around your podcast as humanly possible!

Make your spoken words come to life in the written word.
I can match your tone of voice or make your voice more formal or informal.

I’m sold already!

Why should I?

Adding podcast transcriptions or show notes directly to your blog for the sake of it often looks clunky or long-winded.
Nobody wants to read an essay full of filler words, repetitions and hesitations.
I can save you that time by removing the ‘fluff’ and concentrating on the words that actually mean something, turning your blog post into a logical, structured piece of pillar content.

Most podcasters take around four hours to turn their audio into a fully functioning blog post.
I can do it in two and add in some social media captions for good measure!


You work incredibly hard to put your podcast together so why not make it work just that extra mile?
Trust me to squeeze as much content as I can from it!
You can reach a completely different audience with a written version too.
Even your avid listeners might still miss something you talked about and find it easier to digest in a social media caption.

Why not stick to your best skills of talking and editing and I’ll stick to mine: writing?

I want in!

Why repurpose?

For most podcasters, repurposing is their least favourite part.
When you’ve spent hours recording, editing and uploading one piece of audio, you don’t want to spend even longer writing it all up into a blog post and then splitting that into a bunch of social media captions.
A thirty-minute episode can be anywhere between 6000 to 10,000 words and who wants to sift through all that to possibly find hidden gems?


Google just loves all that extra stuff!
The more your website contains your keywords and topics, the higher you will rank on Google.
Sure, a podcast will help but imagine if you could build on that even more.
Adding blog posts on the same topics will show Google just how much of an expert you are.
It also keeps people on your website as they look for similar posts from you, browse your products or services page and find you on social media.


If you can share your knowledge across multiple platforms, think of how many different audiences you can reach.
Catering your content for different platforms means you max out its potential.
Being an authority figure on your website, podcast and social media builds trust with your audience, no matter how ‘small’ you think your business is.


It might not seem like it initially but repurposing saves you time.
If you’re already creating content and in that mode, why not tag something on to the end?
You should never just make one piece of long-form content and then it just sits there!
It should always be working for you.
Breaking it down into bitesize chunks for social media might inspire your next post and the cycle continues.
Taking that extra time to repurpose saves you more time in the long run.


What the process looks like for me

Pick out key points + create the framework
Form your ideas into a succinct blog post or written content/newsletter (SEO optimised + readability score)
Make it sound like your voice in written form
Repurpose it into social media captions (additional fee)

Help me!

What happens next?

Click the ‘I’m in’ button at the bottom of the page, fill in the form with the subject line ‘Repurpose my podcast’ and some basic information about your podcast.
I’ll email you so we can book in a FREE 20-minute call to discuss the project to see if we’re a good fit (if you want to)
If you want to go ahead, I’ll send you a questionnaire so I can get more detail about you and your podcast, as well as a contract and invoice (I take a 50% deposit at this point)
You fill in the questionnaire, send me the transcription and spend your time doing whatever you love to do: record another episode, serve your customers or clients or take a break and watch some Netflix (that sounds fab, right?).

Introductory offer

£100 for one blog post or £350 for four (over a one-month period)
£40 for five social media captions or £140 for twenty social media captions (five per blog post)