Ever feel like you’re stuck with your business and have no idea how to revamp it without taking away from what you do?
Your copy could be the best place to start!

Any text that you have on your website to sell your products or services is considered copy.
On the other hand, content is information communicated to your audience.
In fact, all copy is content but not all copy is content. Get it?

I need help!

With your website, you need a mixture of both.
You need sales/services pages and a home page with buttons for everything.
You also need a business blog, a page with information about you as the owner as well as contact pages.
However, a blog post about your latest products and services is copy and content!

You want to provide more details about what you offer but you also want people to purchase from you too!

I need you!

Why do I need an audit?

Many businesses write their website copy when they first launch and never bother to look at it again.
In fact, most of us only update our sales pages when we have new products or services to sell and our blogs with regular posts (hopefully).
This means that your copy could be completely out-of-date and out-of-touch from what you do now.
Businesses evolve, so your copy needs to, too.

However, sitting down and going through every single page of your website is time-consuming.
That’s before you even think about updating anything, sourcing new images and doing all the back-end stuff to make the page come to life.

Sounds like you?

The Copy + Content Audit is designed to pick out a handful of your key pages that you feel need a bit of a facelift.


What happens next?

Click the ‘I’m in’ button at the bottom of the page, fill in the form with the subject line ‘The copy + content audit’ and some basic information about what you do
I’ll email you so we can book in a FREE 20-minute call to discuss the project to see if we’re a good fit
If you want to go ahead, I’ll send you a questionnaire so I can get more detail about you and your business, as well as a contract and invoice (I take a 50% deposit at this point)
We spend 90 minutes on the call discussing up to four pages of your website (20 mins per page) + a spare 10 minutes for a quick Q+A on anything content!
You get a copy of the comprehensive notes I’ve taken as 30 days of additional support via email

Introductory offer

£250 for the 90-minute consultation, full notes on each page requested (max 4) and 30 days of email support afterwards