Thinking about hiring a content writer? You might be wondering what tasks can a content writer do. Many content writers dabble in other fields, such as social media management and VA work, but most concentrate on the writing side because we love it! 

Many business owners simply don’t enjoy writing or just can’t seem to relay their ideas into words. That’s where content writers come in. We can put all your wonderful ideas into compelling copy for you to use everywhere you want to! However, there are various types of content that we can write for you. You’re probably thinking what tasks can a content writer do for you so I’ve rounded up a list of what we do!



The most popular form of content; if your website doesn’t have a blog, set one up! Blog posts are a great extension for all online content: you can go into detail about certain topics, show off your expertise or bring your customers in on what you do behind-the-scenes.

Many companies have plenty of ideas of what sort of content they’d like to produce, some have zero idea and require a brainstorming session. For me personally, I can work with a brief given to me or am happy to come up with some ideas of my own through research. It’s all about getting the relationship right between the blog writer and the business.

Website Content

Any text on any website has been written by someone. Some businesses have specific marketing and design departments to do this, others outsource. It is often cheaper to outsource and hire someone to do a specific job, such as landing pages or a revamp of your pages. Many content writers specialise in writing landing pages but others may include it as a package, like myself.

If you’re selling a product or service, the tone of voice might be different to a company who solely provide information. You might decide to have your website be a voice of authority or instead have a friendy, approachable tone where your customers get to know you. 

Social Media Posts

Whilst we all advocate for using your website as your main marketing strategy, we won’t deny that social media is an amazing tool. More customers are finding us via Instagram and Facebook and sharing our products on them too. Captions are often key to getting your point across so why not let someone with writing skills do it for you?

Again, some clients may provide you with a rough calendar of what they want, whereas others give you complete control. I like to think of social media captions as a mini blog post. You need to be succinct, which can then be developed into long-form content!

Print Materials

Many businesses still use paper for marketing, such as brochures, magazines and leaflets. Just because we spend most of our time online doesn’t mean content writers can’t write for old-fashioned paper too! We can work alongisde marketing departments and graphic designers to help you produce the exact copy of what you want. You sort out the layout and images, we’ll do the text!


Internal Documents

This covers anything from memos to staff magazines to welcome packs for new staff. If there’s a template to be made, we can help with that. We can round up all your ideas and make them into a beautifully-packaged block of text!

Email Marketing Campaigns

Creating a newsletter is an easy way to increase customer retention and sales. You can use your newsletter to show off any new products, a behind-the-scenes look at your company or a preview of anything you might be launching soon. 

Think of how many marketing emails and newsletters you currently receive. Many companies use them as an extension of their website, some promote their blogs on them but all are trying to persuade you to use their company in one way or another. 


Editing + Proof-reading

A content writer will be particular about their writing, which genreally means we also like to edit and proof-read our text. Many content writers also offer an editing package for existing copy as sometimes your blog posts or landing pages might just need a little sprucing every so often!


Content Planning

One of my favourite jobs is planning content. This is where you gather all the information, launch dates, anniversaries, sales, theme days in their industries – any dates that the business has in their diary – and plan out their content to fit around it. Content calendars can be done for social media, blog posts and newsletters so you have a rough idea of what types of posts will be going out on any given day.

Us content writers understand that last-minute changes can crop up, such as bringing forward a launch or delaying a project, but we can deal with it. We’re huge fans of what we call evergreen content, content that can be read and applied all year round, so we can always fill a gap with something!


Outsourcing any part of your business can be scary so it’s important to get the right fit. If this is the route you want to go down, make sure the content writer knows everything they need to know about your company and what’s expected of them and their work. 

Whilst I do call them clients, the companies I work with and I prefer to call ourselves partners in our work. I know they expect high-quality, timely work from me but equally, they know that I’m a freelancer juggling multiple projects. It’s a process of collaboration as content writers are offering a service that the company feels they need. 

If you’re currently in the market for a content writer currently, why not get in touch and we can chat about what you’re looking for specifically? Hopefully, this post has answered the question what tasks can a content writer do for you and you’ll now be able to find the perfect partner for your content writing needs!

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