Whilst I’ve only been running my business officially since September, it’s actually been a couple of years in the making. I’d been side hustling with it after getting my first client but I thought now was the best time to bite the bullet and do it full-time! I wanted to share about why I decided to go freelance with you all, whether you’re a freelancer, business owner or are thinking about it yourself!


Getting work when I want

Whilst I am an early bird (or an Airlie Bird for my rugby league fans), it’s also great to know that I can have a lie-in when I want to. I often find that I work best during the morning, take some time off in the afternoon and spend an hour or two working in the evening.

Finding out when you work best is all a part of the process! I tend to take Monday mornings and Friday afternoons off from client work for admin and planning. I also have personal development Wednesdays most weeks too. It’s important to work on yourself and in your business rather than just serve clients 24/7.


Organising my life around my work, not the other way around

Whether in office work or retail, I’ve always had to plan my entire life around work. Shift work was particularly tricky when sometimes you didn’t know what shifts you’d be working the following week. Now if I want to meet a friend for lunch one day (obviously, not right now), I can shuffle my work tasks around that particular day or week.


No more office politics

Being a freelancer means no longer having to keep my opinions to myself about the working environment, how other staff don’t follow the rules or begging for certain days off. Now I have to just have to check in with myself!

I’ve actually found that it’s been significantly better for my mental health too. I’m less stressed about having to work with staff I don’t like or worrying about customers being rude to me that particular day.


Working from anywhere

Whilst I wish I could jet off anywhere in the world, currently my bank balance (and Covid) says otherwise! However, I can nip into town and work from a coffee shop every so often if I get bored at home. Sometimes, being in a new environment can help me to focus on those niggling tasks I’m struggling with. Other times, it’s nice to have some social interaction, even if it is just listening to other people’s conversations!


It’s a learning curve!

Freelancing is not for the faint-hearted because it is a rollercoaster ride! Some months, you can be getting so much work. The next can be a waiting game for your invoices to be paid. You also learn about a million tasks that need doing when running a business. I won’t go into it but outsourcing can be an option for many freelancers or self-employed folk, such as hiring a content writer.


Running my own business

It’s not very common within my family for someone to set up on their own (I have an uncle who’s an accountant and that’s it). For me to go it alone is a big risk and something to be proud of. I’m doing it for me and that’s what matters!


Doing what I love

I found my passion with writing blog posts years ago but I never thought it would turn into my job. In fact, I wanted to be a sports journalist. However, I soon realised that unpaid work was the foot in the door and I couldn’t afford that! Long-form content comes naturally to me so content writing just seemed to fit.

After working in marketing, I soon discovered that I wanted to specialise as opposed to offer all digital marketing services. This was the main reason for why I decided to go freelance actually. I can now focus on just what I love and what I’m good at too!


I’m really pleased with my reasonings as to why I decided to go freelance in 2020. It’s about time I put myself first for a change! If you’re thinking about making the jump to self-employment or freelancing as a side hustle, feel free to Tweet me or send me an Instagram DM. I love chatting about my journey and what worked/didn’t work for me!



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