Do you struggle writing things for your business? Whether it’s website text, social media captions or newsletters, writing just doesn’t come naturally to some people. It’s okay to admit that writing is not your best skill as you’ll have plenty of others! This is why you should hire a content writer for your business, whatever industry you work in.

Now this isn’t an advert to hire myself (I mean, we can work together if you want!), but to think about outsourcing anything words to someone who specialises in it. You can find someone who is an expert in your industry. Alternatively, some content writers, like myself, actually like to write for a variety of industries and topics.


We like to research

There’s something fun about researching and plotting out content for us wordsmiths. It’s exciting to get our teeth stuck into a topic, whether we know lots about it or not! Currently with my clients, I can be writing about leather jackets one day and exam prep tips the next. Spending time making notes on a topic before settling down to write it can sometimes be even more fun than the writing part!


We know what we’re doing

As content writers, we will have done our research into your business and audience to determine whether we’d be a good fit for you. We know if your audience will need a more formal approach to the writing or if we can make your content chatty and personable.


We pay attention to detail

If you give a non-writer any writing tasks, the work may be sloppy. Whilst content writers might have the odd spelling mistake here and there, on the whole, we are very thorough with our work. If you’re hiring someone external to do your content writing for you, it’s more pressure on the writer to make sure it’s up to your standards than it is on you as a business. We’re usually perfectionists by personality so expect us to spend time editing our copy before sending you it!


We crave consistency

Whether you have a content calendar set up for your business currently, want a writer to make one up for you or have a list of ideas ready to go, content writers like to write but more importantly, write consistently. Depending on your industry, a good starting point for running a blog, for example, is to post once a week. Hiring a freelance writer to do this for you means they can fit your content around their other clients too. You might then be able to increase the posting frequency when the partnership is working smoothly!


We are a fresh set of eyes

If you’re always working on your own business, you can often miss things. Getting an external source to look at what you’re doing can be a breath of fresh air. Whilst we focus on the writing side of your business, we can still have a look at how your social media and website looks to someone working outside of the business. For example, if you’re going to set up a blog for your business, there needs to be a link to it on your homepage and promotion on your social media too!


We save you money

It is cheaper to hire a freelance content writer than it is to hire someone full-time. Better still, we deal with our own tax, insurance, National Insurance and pension so overall, we’re much cheaper! Freelancers work remotely usually with our own equipment (we might charge more if you use a specific programme we don’t have though) so save you  money there too! We can charge monthly on a retainer if you need a set amount of work doing or per project or post so you set the workload, we set the price.


We give you time to focus on tasks you enjoy

Setting up your own business is an exciting venture and we think we have to be a Jack or Jill of all trades. The truth is yes, initially you’ll have multiple jobs to do. Once you get on your feet, you can outsource so much so you can concentrate on the running of your business, whether it’s creating new products or providing a service. Handing out just one task, such as writing a blog and social media captions, can give you back vital time to work on the tasks you actually like!


As you can see, there are so many reasons why you should hire a content writer for your business. We can focus on the writing side of your business, whether it’s your homepage, blog posts or Instagram captions, whilst you can focus on running your business.

If you are thinking about hiring a content writer and want to have a chat about it, I’m always happy to discuss what is involved. Hopefully, we can set something up and can work together! Send me a message on Instagram if you’re on the fence about outsourcing your content.



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